It is interesting to know it: 15% of the world traffic, all products and all mode of transport disconcerted, concern classified dangerous matters: to nourish in fuel the furnaces, to fill the gas tank of the cars, to manufacture millions pieces for usual objects or hundreds of construction materials, to cover roads with asphalt, to elaborate new light and comfortable cloths, to compose fertilizer, to take care of and to relieve day and night thousands of patients, to clean water, to purify sewage - in one word, to provide for the daily needs.
It would not come to anyone the idea to question the utility of these current consumption products. Otherwise, our present society expresses a big requirement of comfort, quality of environment, quality of service, security... what more legitimate?
Either, these demands and this waiting are sometimes contradictory. It is what happens when a tanker truck deliver in a gas station: It can, at the time of its displacement, to awaken at a car driver an annoyance or a feeling of insecurity and, only some minutes after, to satisfy this one when he passes to the pump
In fact, everybody is well okay on the needs, but some wonder again about the means to use and go even, sometimes, as far as contesting them.
The necessity of the transportation himself is inescapable, the important is to master the risk of it, and therefore to find the good solutions.